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You've awakened in a strange land filled with dinosaurs and mysterious alien technology. You have no memories of your past and may not even remember who you are. To uncover these secrets you must survive amongst these prehistoric creatures and their symbiotic alien race.

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TITAN:Mesozoic is a solo adventure RPG where you must explore and survive on a dome-like planetoid called a Titan, which is populated by Dinosaur's and a race of symbiotic beings.

To play the game you will need 1 or more 6 sided dice and a deck of playing cards(jokers included) to tell the story of your character as they make their way through the wild lands of the Titan. Within this pdf you may find the following features:

  • Exploration and discovery
  • Dinosaur bonding and companionship
  • Optional combat with dinosaurs and people 
  • Crafting your own equipment and items
  • Building your own shelter
  • Interaction with an alien race, the Iracon
  • Robotic dinosaurs 

TITAN:Mesozoic has been designed to provide the framework for the creation of stories of discovery and survival while simulating the feeling of being able to create your own equipment and living alongside dinosaurs. 

Welcome to the Titan survivor...

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GenreRole Playing, Survival
Tagsark-suvival-evolved, Crafting, Dinosaurs, journaling, physical, Singleplayer, solo


Get this game and 148 more for $10.00 USD
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Highlighting Solo But Not Alone 3 entries  (and detailing my dream) https://twitter.com/RabbitMatchGame/status/1621374104459948032

I love it! :D

So excited to hear about a print version!  I have greatly enjoyed your game.  I don't usually appreciate journal games, but the dice mechanics, crafting, and pervading mystery (that could be different every time depending on what other oracles are added to your game) have made this a lot of fun.  

Like all journal games, the premise has to appeal to you, but I encourage everyone reading this who is interested in the premise to try it out!

Thank you so much :D I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it still and can’t wait to have the print version finished for yall!

This sounds great! Would love to try it.

Thanks! I’m ready to have it available for everyone to play :D

I don't see a download button?

(1 edit)

Ah sorry what I meant by that was I am excited to have it available for people to play.

I’m still editing and creating art for the pdf as well as layout work.

Great! I can't wait!